Friday, May 21, 2010

airport time

I love airports, and by that one statement I guess I have made it obvious that I am not nearly as close to being a chronic traveller as I would secretly aspire to be. The anticipation of waking up in the morning, statring your day at hours otherwise considered inappopate, the long drive in ... always a mental curiosirty regarding the co passenger and then flying home

Sadly the long flights being a hippie traveller have not happened as often as i would like to. but the blore delhi flights have had a history of its own. the first few times that i used to come to blore, it was to be here in ther arms of love, the day before the flight was an emotional concrete mixture with the joy of being together overcast with the reality of the upcoming seperation. the drive there the longest ever, the wait in the parking lot, kissing in the car while reluctantly gettin out luggage, holding back tears and then finally a weepy farewell
someone once told me, that to feel that way was in itself a life bonus and it did not happen very often..;-) I guess so. The first time i flew blore delhi, i had been on a bus travelling non stop from munnar to salem to coimbatore through ooty to get to bangalore, cold and confused, we sat huddled on the bus as an old man sharing the seat with us feigned indiffernce

Memories of a time very dear, memories of a day very close very precious
Wonder why today of all days they get evoked... i leave in a few minutes to attend my brothers wedding and am already crying. I love him and how sorted his life seems to be now, the little me in me wishes that some of the sortment would come my way too.

In the next few days as surrounded by family, old aunts, friends most of whom are my store house of memories, i watch my family grow that much more, i shall stand there and know that the "sorting" of my life is relying only on this one fragile thing called HOPE; mixed maybe with a dash of trust and a sprinkling of faith

Yesterday all day I was like a wound up coil, tense from inside and dont know why. Then read about the continum of life, and the fleetingness of this moment right now... made my insides relax permitting me to life unflod in its own sweet course, in its own sweet will..

all i know is that i need to travel.
the rest is ...........