Friday, May 7, 2010


Its time to get it moving on. After nearly a month of stitches, and movement restrictions I am feeling healthy, wealthy and able to move around.. Exercise I love you.

A normally routine hater, I see the wisdom in having a routine, and some things that you plug into on a daily basis. That is when you manage to take out time for fitness, for meditation and the gym, I get to return to the gym today and feel the rush of enthusiasm in my body. Feel the pleasure of the muscles as they get into action. The gym membership got delayed for 4 weeks and supplemented by lots of unhealthy lifestyle options.

As I am writing this my maid is standing on my head and telling me tales of how the guard and she have been fighting, how the guards have started called her Kala Motti, Black Fat, that makes no sense and she has slapped him with her slippers, have no clue what and why they are fighting but they are and seems she wants me to take sides in the dispute. I am trying level best to be neutral and not really concerned one way or the other.....

The one kind of people u have to envy are the ones with the high metabolic rate that just seem to get fit in seconds, grr grr. Feels good to wake up at home, clean the place, get into some sort of structure with the day and start getting pieces back that have been lying scattered all over the place for a long time.

To getting the Black berry activated and operational today.