Monday, May 10, 2010

a whole new world

As you sit on the bike and move in the city, you have grudgingly begun to call home the city comes alive in entirely different ways.

The world from the safety of the car, with the Ac on, the soft music and the 4 wheels has a very different feel. On the bike, you are plugged in like a drill machine with no escape from anything that is happening around you.

Bullet Blondie - is a whole new world!!!!

For starters, this world has its own vocabulary, language that goes Boom.. vroom, puttt puuttter, talks about handle bars and the feel of the machine... Each bike is always a girl that has to be taken for a ride, and the love for these beasts more than that for any human species.

The bikers form their own clique on the road . There is a distinct hierarchy that exists which as a car person is news to me. The Yamaha 100 cc is the undisputed king; as its light weight and power permits it to zoom through the teeny tiny allies without an issue. Almost like the Grasshopper in Kungu Fu panda.

The bike ppl speak in action code. A side glance means a race is on, the red lights are to be used only to stare and gaze at the other, and when u need to move in separate ways a tiny wave and a tilt of the head is token enough for the last race that took place..

Its the one AREA where MECHANICS are DEMI GODS! they can rip your machine down, add subtract multiply and divide till the original and the morphed version resemble the Caterpillar and the buttlerfly.. Mechanics are masters in disguise, knowing more about physics than any of the engineers who approach them with folded hands...

Its freedom in a way that cant be mastered in any other form.. As a pillion you can sense it and maybe borrow some of flavor, hope that drops on you but u really cannot claim any of it.. the thrill remains that of the person behind the wheel astride the machine navigating it with flicks of the wrists.. effortlessly easy, impossibly tough ;-)

As a group they are very open, indulging you by opening up and engaging in conversation.. letting you play with the bikes secure in the knowledge that you are a guest a flirtation till you are capable of taming the beast.

but show one move to want to get there, and the solidarity is there for all to see, they wait for u worry about you and always stop when you fall. Get you up and get you moving.

And the best part, is that often you have no idea who the other person is , except he is the man with the bullet.
and so he/she simply belongs

I sat on the weekend. sightseeing my house withe new eyes. Speed breakers got new respect, and mechanics were bowed to. Bullet clubs were gate crashed by me as the sole woman entrant, and they simply smiled.. the cops laughed at enormous fuel tanks and the boy toy sensibilities took over anger and duty. As a women, and a car person, it was like looking into a new world through a key hole. almost understanding mostly just looking at it with "aahh boys eyes"

Till i saw R the she women, do her stuff on her own bullet, and the eyes have a new gleam. its called.. Ahh i want to be one of the boys. Bike Lessons! 2010 this is the mission we claim....

Hehehee.. dont think Dad shall want to be reading this post!