Friday, May 14, 2010

Snippet time again

Have not written a proper heartfelt entry in a while. Have not got the clear will to write one here right now either, so instead are some snatches of randomness that has been my life and brain for the past few days...

Reading is the next best thing to travelling, if one thing can open your mind it has to be a book that can be well thumbed and read through to reveal the deeper parts of countries, places and people that you have no connection to.. 3 books that I am reading is doing just this for me right now..

First comes - Muesem of Innocence, Omar Pamuk, an effortless narrative from the eyes of a Turkish man, his illicit affair but more than the story is the peek into understanding some of the cultural customs that define the place, the unwritten social norms that are graze u as a tourist but never impact u unless u live it..

Catcher in the Rye- Reread it and after you do you wonder what makes this book so easy to understand, insanely addictive and realitvely ageless? Is it because we all have similar internal rants where everything we do seems utterly meaningless and yet we carry on. or is the listless angst that he seems to be surrounded with the attraction for us all.  

Kundalini Tantra-  A book on spiritual biophysics, if such a term can even be coined that without once preaching into the occult or divine is simply de mystefying simple factual truths about our systems and the latent power of it. Very tough job to keep this simple writing and not get lost into meanderings 

The week has been a roller coaster of the kind that defines life. 

The carpet was ripped from below me on Tuesday, semi replaced on Wednesday and got padding on Thursday. if one thing all this teaches me is something my brother said, roll with the punches

The wedding is drawing closer, know that when i do see my brother getting married, am going to be one of the first few to break down and get all emotional maybe even beating mom to it. its just what weddings do to me, the simple innocent promise of a future the promised land is just to heartrendingly pure that for that moment all you can do it somehow want to close and hold that moment........ love weddings, hate them too

Housefull- saw it and wondered y i did that to myself

and questioned where and what i was doing with my life. In this constant turmoil and chaos, I did one thing right i seem to have returned to spending time with myself and mentally slowing down. Calm is what i am about everything for the now, till the next set of frenzied action commences.