Monday, May 3, 2010

the day has come

Mom would tell me that there shall be a time in April, where i shall have so much work to juggle that i shall call her and yelp stating dont know what to do! well the day seems to have come and am loving it.. well not the work, hmm actually that too but the fact that there is so much new learning that is taking place that it is amazing..

Wanted to document what April was about. It truly was a whirlwind of a month with so so so much happening that the little me is only being jostled from incident to incident much like an ice cube in the cold coffee machine.

April 2010

One dream came tumbling down - the MBA sent me the aaww we so dont love u letter and with that there was time to make new paths to the old dream of getting to do work that one loves doing. A new me surfaced, did the self pity mode for a day, drank some beer and was good to hit the restart button once more

It was the month of new ness, new relationships were made and fostered, bubble land entered into, a CAT SCAN done, the first ever, head stitched up, cops chasing me from parks, the dreams dusted and relit with christmas light.

The coolest things about the month was the spontaneous movement of events. From the entry of the speed devil, to the cool cucumber, the Kristen Dunst yoga saga, the designer man a new group of people drifted into life as some very precious much loved sincerely missed entities choose to leave.

Work picked up, reached a targeted financial target, winning back the self belief that it was going to happen
Got pampered in parlours, realized the value of shampoo
Saw the inner working of a ngo beyond compare
met people whose lives are more inspirational for the passion they live it with
smiled at how my family was getting along, how a new person quickly became old
re connected with the city i have begun to call home
blogged and loved the writing
decided to cancel a vacation
grew up a little. lost a little
gained a lot
became a business person, re chartering deals that were closed
and in all this had a month that made me smile
started the month with tea estates and merry go rounds
ended it with pictionary and colossal love
if days fill up this fast with lightening speed
shall have to borrow a space machine
to define my sanity

sigh!! work beckons though the yoga mat is giving me rueful looks!