Saturday, May 8, 2010

the last mile

Am sitting with a coffee, wearing an oversized shirt, eating the first mango of the season as the song Fireflies plays in the background. Warm coffee strains are in the air, there is a mix of work and pleasure that the day promises and in all this is little me sitting and admiring the turns that the world seems to be taking.

Played housewife yesterday, gathering together the rambling mess of the house and the world to consolidate. Am in a tizzy these days cant figure out half the time what to do. Simple things are confusing. So should i buy a dining table for the house and invest in making it pretty, or should i not bother because there may be no need soon.. Should i slap myself for thinking these far fetched thoughts or should I let myself be a girl and make a castle.

There is a foolishness virus that seems to have gotten hold of me. All sense of sense has flown out of the window replaced with a frivolousness........... while paying all my bills yesterday and the diminishing bank balance did little to prevent me from blowing up a whole lot on shopping, net result if my landlord presents a cheque now it shall bounce. The things that i end up doing!

Yesterday closed with meeting GR after ages, he seemed relaxed and happy as we had a coffee. There is something warm about building relationships and being in a city where the vendors begin recognizing you after a time, the ciggie fellow sees you and engages in a conversation, the toaster person willingly breaks a 500 for you, the puckha guy knows automatically that i need that exact level of spice u need.

The sequence of pot holes are familiar to you, and the maid can leave 10 cocunuts in your house. Have to admit that I have become fossilized in Bangalore. There is more that I do know than not know about this city, and more than that there is comfort here...........

Blore is home now. Delhi my "native"
wonder when that happened