Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bangalore is back

Acchoo, and a smile..

Sniffle snifflee.. one sip of the warm coffee and switching on the geyser, in the month of MAY! I looove Bangalore, it is back to being cool and windy, trees are falling, mufflers and jackets are making an appearence and blankets are out.

The skies turn murderous in the evening, the rain has been lashing down, the power going. Candles and rum were what last night was about, with poker chips being used as candle holders, as the cards were dealt and deals made.

There is a smoothness in meeting old friends that is not replaceable by anything or anyone, the comfort one has in that interaction is so stress free that it makes life easy to deal with. Well am now restless the wedding is getting closer and want to be there to be part of the action, want to quickly come back and begin the health and hard work routine and get on with it and then reward myself with a holiday... aaah! all things eventually lead only to a holiday ;-)

I like my life..