Monday, May 17, 2010

little things

When you are with someone one the sweetest moments are the ones with the longest lingering power. Was eating lunch with S yesterday and she was narrating an incident where her financee, got drunk in Honk Kong, came up to where she was dancing with her work colleagues, put his arms in the air, and then proceed to do a tribal dance punjabi version around her yelling "bebe, bebe... ooh bebe.... bebe... ooh bebe... bebe... ooh bebe.. bebe ooh bebe..." 

He then proceeded to do the egyptian dance on the floor and circled another friend, before heading out with his lady love on a walk and falling face first into a Mac Donald guy on the road. As she narrated this incident, we all could not stop laughing our lungs out.. because it was hilarious to hear her complete with actions and the rest of it ... ;-)

made me think that as much as she is turning up her little sweet nose and stating all the nonsense the man is upto it is these small incidents that make u love the person more.. the little things are what maketh the relationship. holding hands while watching a movie, in a room crowded with people known and unknown being able to meet that one person for 2 minutes, and then running back to doing whatever u were upto, being able to call someone for no reason, sharing the silliest dream that made u stare at the ceiling in the night, wrapping yourself in the intimacy of everyday is what the warmth is about...

love is not always the mills and boon kinds
it in the tiniest moments, that you find it

Saw my boss's facebook pictures. He and his wife celebrated 25 years of a married life. The sweetest ceremony ever. They got dressed in simple cotton saree and lungi respectively, light a ceremonial lamp, re took their wedding vows as they circled the lamp in reminder of the wedding they had 25 years ago, surrounded by family and friends. 

Drinks, dinner some photos and simplicity and warm oozed from the hugs, the looks and the smiles. made me smile watching that. the togetherness visible in every gesture. 

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