Saturday, May 22, 2010

coming home - a mixed bag

The excitement of coming home, turns out has a short shelf life. Everyone who I know who lives outside their parents house have three things in common

  • they truly do love their parents and the support that they get from family
  • they love the idea of spending time with family
  • and EACH of them are tearing their hair out by day 2 of being home!!!
Hahahaa its a classical case of how being home can at the same time evoke so many emotions from nostligia, to relief to having had left, love for the parents, exasperation at their habits, shackles rising at the countless questions, confusion about how to handle conflict and the undercurrents of tension that make being at home about as volatile as a climate change summit

Phew.. so this was day one at home. Alight from the aircraft with the Bimbo sunglasses on to a scorching 45 degrees, Get the prepaid taxi ticket done, stroll the suitcase from the belt and move in heels.. (for some reason was in heels on the flight.,clueless as to where my brain was) towards the taxi standing on spot 16.

En route Man 1 - also a taxi driver wanted to see my ticket and where i stayed as did Man 2, 3, 4 and 5. They all insisted on escorting me to the taxi and having a loong conversation with my driver??? Reason.. None!

Delhi showed me all the cars, the latest fashions and the style statement of how u sit on the back seat while the driver drives u around. If you are cool, you never ever drive. Reached home, Mom sat me down and showed me all her shopping, Dad hovered, the dog was kicked and then the fireworks began. 

In 2 hours flat, the parents had a mother of all fights, I did what i do best left the scene of confrontation in Dad's car, gleefully escaping i caught up with friends only to get a call from home as soon as i met the friend to please return as I was needed to come back, this was followed by cal 5, 6, and 8. Returned to the car in an hour, to see the tyre had a puncture. The car being fitted with CNG, getting the tyre out needed a mechanic. So Blondie waited in 45 degrees for him to come in

Mad traffic, agressive Delhi drivers, and a constantly beeping phone ensured i had a natural Afro in 30 minutes. Came home to the parental cold war, where everyone scurried for individual corners to sulk in. I sat down, took the dog to his favourite chicken shop, came home, read a book and dozed by 9 pm.. its a tactic that has always worked. 

Everything looks better in the morning. Try it!