Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blondey does it again! - The jinx is on

Blondey moments and me seem to have a lot in common. Fellow blogger G said this morning that irrespective of anyone else loving me or not, one this is certain that Murphy definitely has a soft corner for me.. List of big goof ups that have happened since i left home a few days ago.

  • Blondey is driving, steering is wobbling. Blondey is scratching head, veering to the side to check the tyre, and believing in simple solutions decides that filling air in them solves all issues. Blondey repeats same remedy on day 1, day 2 and day 3. Parks car at friends place and wakes to the mother of all flats ... yes she refused to recognize a mother of all punctures when it was staring at her in her face.
  • Night before departure- Blondey feeds her 1 and only ATM card to the ATM machine and now is sitting in Delhi counting pennies while the lavish wedding is being conducted!
  • Delhi day 1- Parents decide to have a battle. Blondey the supportive daughter does what she knows best..... Disappears from the scene with the car to eat waffles and ice cream. Blissfully unaware that tension was reaching boiling point at home what with grandmother being untraceable for a few hours and all that and reluctantly agrees to come home 2 hours later.. only to reach the car and see another PUNCTURE!!!!! only this time its worse, the car has a CNG tank and the tyre cant be reached by very "oh my god its so hot, and this is such trash, n i hate this car attitude blondey..."  so she waits fanning herself till the mechanic comes to her rescue..
  • Delhi day 2 - Unmindful of her status of being an aunt and hence a model figure for the younger generation etc etc. she is smoking in the car accompanied by her newly adulted nephew. The things i can get killed for keep increasing with alarming regularity
  • Yell FUCKER!!! loudly as a Delhi driver cuts in front of her.. As soon as the words are out of her mouth she turns to see her 10 year old nephew GRIN at her and she knows she is in for 3 days of blackmail.....
  • The BEST however is still to come. Blondey has been entrusted with old family friends car to drive for the wedding. Blondey loves these people and the little green colored teddybear key chain that has the car keys even more. She puts them in her bag, she thinks, along with the rest of the nonsense that is always there, heads to get a hair cut and threading; walks the dog who then has a fight with another dog while I am chattering on the phone and .... the next thing I know i cant find the keys!.. the silly parlour is shut till tomorrow and a careful inspection of the dog fight has revealed nothing at all...
Hmm the wedding mania is yet to properly commence, maybe i shld get one of those leashes that people hang around the neck and carry everything that I value on me like a dog, seems to be the only thing that may let me survive, with a big muzzle snuggly fitted around my mouth. before i yell "MY ASS" to the wedding priest!