Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Its one of those days where the Indian ness of India can sap all sense of energy out of you. Its summer, the longest one ever it so seems. The one thing about Blore which was great was the weather and that has gone. Vanished under the merciless sun.

Its become the Delhi I left because I handle heat very badly. Countless summers in Delhi, where your life revolved around pumping water into the tanks, the availabilty of ground water, the relentless heat, complete frustration on the roads, snappy tempers and the forced retreat to being indoors because the heat made it impossible for anything else to happen.....

Blore sadly is going down the same route. The roads are chocked, there is no space for anyone, the cows still wander here and there, the multidude of bikes adds to the chaos, Cauvery water decline has lead to power shortages where everyone is spending more on diesel and invertors than electricity bills, the heat has become intense and the passive nature of the southern lot is going through an enormous change in dealing with these.

To add to it, the BJP governance means that unlike a Delhi or a Mumbai, where at least one has the option of escaping the heat in the evening by getting out, taking a walk being free to eat a late meal the city clamps itself down at 11 pm. There is nothing that you can get after that, almost no food, coke, a drink or even bandaid is a hunt that is concluded at the local hospital.

Often this results in the days work getting pushed to the evening, unless you are lucky to get the power back up to last. Being a cool city in the earlier days, also means that the gadgets to kill heat available across the north are non existent. There are no coolers, mango juices, Rooafsas, the lassis and cucumbers. Instead hot coffee and if you are lucky a few juices do the needful

There is a still a reluctance to use AC's and there is only a hapless reminiscence of  ":Oooh Blore never used to be like this" without any corresponding ability to get up and do something about the changes that are here now. not in some future date place or time..........

So deep is the denial, that people still carry a jacket because earlier the evenings had a tendency to get chilly.

Wake up. The city became rich, IT happened, the influx of people happened.. and u made lots of money.. but guess what.. u lost the city to that migration.... neither good nor bad., it is, time to get moving though. Delhi did it, its possible!