Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goooood Moooorrniing July!

Its here it is it is.. the month that I have been waiting for ever so long!! Its JULY......

There is absolutely no clear reason why I am jumping like a kid (picture a baby goat) but I have this strong ass gut feeling, that its going to be a bumper year from here on.. in terms of me, work and relationships. Moving on from the second gear to the Fifth in one fell sweep.

Now what is fueling this is my inner voice, it is just so darn excited its amazing. 
For starters, step one of the make over was completed yesterday. Am back to looking pretty and re discovered the wardrobe. The fitness routine commences with friends from Monday, have already enrolled for a photography course, have located a lens to buy, shall do one holiday this month and am getting bike drving lesson one. 

The education course shall be applied to  by next week as well as new work places. The travel plans shall get solidified and yoga classes resumed. I am on a roll and cant hardly wait

Am sure the work will be good, the money better, the love life adventurous and me centered in the middle of this. Its about time! bring it on i say.... ;-)