Tuesday, July 27, 2010

unadulterated bull

A loong loong time ago... Indian Princess were loaded with a whole lot of crap. Jewels, Chamber maids, lots of land, a few zillion slaves.weapons and some pretty slave girls. all oh whom came along with her. Needless to say the idea of getting a princess and a mobile harem made all the Princes very excited and as soon as the first signs of puberty were reached. they all started to call on Daddy dear to let them at least have a look at her and then woo her into their kingdoms

Now daddy dears have always been smart business men. And each daughter was seen as a way of ensuring a great peace deal with another kindgom... meaning that one less state would war against him. So naturally, he wanted the richest man, ugliness not withstanding.. and LOVE.. blaaaaahh!!! 

Hmmm.. So as she turns 15 the situation is getting tense. 

Prince 1,. 2 , 3, 4, 65.,... are all in line. The king now cant decide.. but bored of watching stupid girls twirl round and round and having already slain lots of men and tigers on the battle field he needs entertainment. 

So he decided to hold a SWAYAMBAR... eh?? u say

Yea.. well this is what happens. 

He invites all the Rich guys. Gives them all one task. Much like the MTV Roadies. And then the one person who wins. (if there is a tie the task gets tougher...) This is how the World Cup evolved.,. hence Paul can predict the outcome since he is Indian as are all esoteric souls ;-) 

To wind the story down. Since you are currently spoilt for choice you must host one of these challenger events, in return for your hand for a while to the victor. It shall ensure entertainment for a lot of people and imagination avenues for even more!