Friday, July 23, 2010

whistle blowers

Parking assistants in India, love their whistles. 

In small and big malls, apartment garages, huge market places the attendants with the whistles are the funniest of the lot. They insist on standing in front of  your car and blowing the whistle right at you, while managing with a feat of great balance and poise to run backwards in a manner permits you to keep moving the car. 

All this while whistling NON STOP! 

The funniest part of the entire exercise is the fact that you can see them throughout and the whistle becomes completely unnecessary!  

At dinner yesterday, as the girl conversation progressed we listed the different things that the men we had dated were into. .. The question being asked was. what is an occupation that you have not dated and would be keen to date. .. the answers took a while to come.. but they were rather fun.

Lets see:

  1. Garden Landscape Artist --- Y ? You get to spend time outdoors
  2. A goa shack owner... Think Dhoom2 last scene
  3. Ala Peirce Brosnan in thomas crown affair -- No occupation. But a Quirky Millionaire
  4. a travel journalist who has arrived. The last part being the critical feature!
  5. A hotel baron
  6. Tantric yogic ..hahhahahahha haaa haa haaaaa
  7. a pirate
  8. a mafia man.. get to see the underworld and the world of living on the edge for a very short time!
  9. a travel n living anchor, who demands in his contract that gf must come along ;-)
  10. a sweet mountain based school teacher.. with spectacles. .. the idea of being the temptress! cute
cant seem to think of more for the now.. the photographers and the explorers live very solitary lives, so shall have to juggle the brain a bit more to see who else to date......... maybe i shld work instead!