Wednesday, July 21, 2010

catching up

Saw a friends album called "travelling teadom"!/album.php?aid=462966&id=886530051 and ode to her two loves travel and tea and the various versions of tea had at locations as varied as the tea itself ;-)

Made me think if there was a travelogue I would want to create what that would be.. think the dogs that I have met and the memories shared with each.. as ridiculous as that sounds there always are some special dogs that come and begin to form a bond with you when you commence travelling

R and P, ages ago were trekking up the Dharamshala hills to head to Triund, as they moved along the narrow crevices this dog followed them, waited as they took too long and then bounded up after ensuring that they were safely behind

Unrelated, but a super cute dog story and a super disgusting animal right violation story were in the paper today. 2 Great Danes belonging to an IPS officer decided on a lark to head out for a night walk, unsupervised, being the big blundering things that they are they soon got lost and did not know the way back home again.. So they did the next best thing that they could... they looked around for the familiar Khaki uniform of their master, saw 2 constables and followed them to the closest cop station and remained there till the next day happily getting pampered at the station by the friendly neighbourhood cops! (’s-night-out-.html)

The brilliant detective power of the cops kicked in finally and they sent a message on wireless looking for the masters of the dog .. till the final rescue was done. 

Story 2 is sadly not as cute, nor does it have an ending that makes u smile. Russian private entrepreneurs, that definitively get brownie points for being innovative but the marks earned by cruelty negates all the positive wisdom they could have earned. 

They decided that tying a donkey to a parachute would be thrilling and attract tourist to their beach. Result, a very scared, crying and braying donkey was suspended mid air, crash landing in the occean from where the half alive to the closest beach..

Poor donkey! this is one Up In The Air, visit he could have done without!