Monday, July 19, 2010

past connections

I am a lazy bee, who is finally stirring her wings and is flying free.
Am back, and in a day there seems to be so much that has already happened.  Had a work meeting, not only did I remember how much I like the ppl I work with but also the nature of the work itself. Drove the Scorpio around the city and with temptation staring at me in the face have not been smoking… Ok did smoke 1 cigarette today but felt nasty from within post smoking it and did not give in to the temptation to smoke again the entire day!! Well done I say  ;-)
As I flew in to Bangalore a non shakeable feeling of serenity has enveloped me. Came in as soon as I landed at the Airport and almost miraculously ensured that only good things took place ever since…. The list is incredibly long
Trivial but cant be all co-incidental
·         The issuer of the plane ticket, choose to give me the best seats on the plane
·         As I browsed through the bookshop, of all the books the only ones that seemed to catch my imagination were the ones on the spirit, the self, the connection, the universe.. and bought all
·         Got the best cab  n cheapest cab driver, and as I paid him I discovered Mom had given me oodles of money for no reason…abundance seems to be everywhere
·         M super tired and sick as he was made an almost instantaneous recovery
·         Sunday morning, got project work that I loved from the moment go
·         and Sunday afternoon a reminder of why I was missing Bangalore, at home
·         Monday morning, was a dream, no traffic, warm reception from a boss even though crap work had been done
·         Finding a tempo, helpers and carpenters to transport the bed in minutes and Airtel operators who repaired the wifi in an hour
·         Lady luck remain here- shall pamper you with all that you need.
As I completed the last leg of the Brian Weiss the definitive reminder that he brings resonated deep within. The fact that this is one life time among many, there is a lesson to be learnt while I am here and the tougher lifetimes have more to teach.  And Critically – how we choose our parents
The last one, made me pause. Reflected and the one thing that I have to credit my parents for is the exposure and ingraining of the “spiritual” curiosity that was inculcated. Each member of my family has a personal library of books, each with the same message of meditation, stillness, reincarnation and the you are god. There must be a reason we choose to be together….
Looked at my personal bookshelf… and for a 28yr city bred brat, there were way too many books on chakras, gurus, visualizations, energy healing, Tibet etc and no matter who I meet it is the experiences of these liberated searchers and explorers that draws me. The quest to know the unknown. Makes me wonder what is it from my past life that feeds this? That makes me a believer and not a skeptic, that simply knows there is a spirit and a healing light and the rest of it…

No one knows the future.
However in this realm of uncertainity there is one thing I know….. that oneday some day, my work will be related only to this energy healing and inner potential, and I could not care less how flaky this statement may sound.