Thursday, July 1, 2010

what would u shoot?

been working on a research project on videos. And it got me thinking. 
if u were to make a 10 minute footage on something, anything. You had a camera, even a tiny handheld device would be adequate then what is it that you would want to get in the form of a movie/footage and show the world?

This one man made a movie in a budget of less than 220 dollars. 
Revolving around the life of his mother, it is now going to be released as a major block buster

I have never even contemplated the idea of hosting something on youtube.......never thought there was something that was worthy of it...

antics of your dog? child?.wedding songs and dances? all seem too trivial .... 

But what about creating a 10 minute suspense... in less than 1 minute ad people convince us to buy things as ridiculous as hand sanitizers to wet tissues, if i had 10 minutes, there should be an entire short story that should be conveyable. 

hmmmmm lets play with writing a script shall we. Experiment is the mother of invention after all