Friday, July 23, 2010

the imagination of kink

This one is aimed at being a more honest post and am not quite sure why I am even writing it. Flowing with the tide is a good way to go with a few things. In the past few days, in lives of people connected to me some developments have been taking place that got me thinking. Changing names for obvious reasons. 

Little boy, a friend in a distant land finds himself in an enviable and non enviable situation wherein he is deeply in love with someone who he knows is but a visitor in his life and shall have to leave soon. This however, has not prevented from feelings, experiments and living to the hilt to take place

Friend 2- an anonymously talented erotica writer has reached the peak of wondering - if he shall ever find the female tigress with a conventional life per se to enter his life

Just heard that Mahatma Gandhi has written in experiments with truth, that towards the end of his life he wanted to determine if he was over his sexual urges and got his nieces to sleep naked next to him, and mysteriously simply states that he ruefully noted that he was not...

And mr colourful in India is forever wondering if there is fidelity, relationships exist and what form must they take to appeal to him and y is promiscuity shrouded in so many layers. Per se none of the above have anything in common. Each of them are distinct, geographically and morally separated and  

They are all stray incidents, but there is something subliminal that may be connecting the above. An openness to explore and experiment with sexuality; in some cases inspired by the man and in some by the women. This by itself is not revolutionary in the least, a million people do it all the time, within or outside the confines of their bedrooms/relationships

But what is more interesting than the act itself. ... is the thinking or the mind space that has "conjured" and "implemented" the edginess of the experiment. 

Guess I am going in circles.Straight talk is this. In the hum-drum routine of life, it takes a differentiated mindset to concieve of a fantasy. A sexual fantasy is not always the nurse-patient, teacher -student nonsense, but to create or build something within the normalcy of your everyday life.. requires a certain spunk, thought and a deep desire to discard the facarde call you and be someone very raw in your expression of yourself.

whenever i read friend 2's stories.. the "act" itself was often not needed or not mentioned at all. The intrigue was the naked honesty that the characters in the story shared. How they freely knew what the other person could or could not to and gently were able to push the level of comfort that their partner had evolved.

That takes true commitment. Not the boring I am loyal to you kind of commitment but the deeper.. I am committed to the cause of pushing your boundaries and making you grow. To have someone invest that much and that deeply in you... is maybe the best stroke of luck one can have.