Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spunky at 30

Spoke to Miss Gorgeous at 40 yesterday.

Who she? An person i met on work who quickly became a friend, confidant, a confider and a hilarious pit stop for stories. Todays blog post is dedicated to the movement of her life, which for the now is getting the most points for the drama than anyone else's life that I know about ;-)

A member of  bhuddist group she leads and counsels the people in her near vicinity in matters dealing with their practice and faith. One such struggling member happened to be a spunky 29 year old, who was struggling with more than faith.. was reveling in his utmost attraction for her.

Shyness be dammed he made sure she knew it too. In full force, flowers, dinners, movies, drinks the invites flew like arrows and no matter how much tact she used, the man was not one to be dettered. 

This is not an isolated case, a 20- something from her gym took the chance and asked her out, 2-3 other suitors expressed interest too..all this in a span of maybe 2 months. 

Made us think of the fact that there is a change that is taking place in the approach towards relationships. While the traditional .. meet, greet, marry and then get to know each other remains the std operating principle, in small factions and pockets there is a revolt. The people are meeting, greeting.. remaining in this limbo for a long while without necessarily looking at everything having a tommorow. 

For sure the need for a future is critical for a relationship. else there is not much to build a foundation on; but then again not everything need be a relationship that implies longevity in the looong run to take place! So amen to the new generation kids, who are being who they are, questioning what is allowed and what isnt to craft things that make sense to them....

So how old would your threshold be for the person that you are willing to ask out.. ..? stuck to ur decade are u?