Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bed time stories

I have never ever bought a bed. ever. and have been living alone for a few years now.

The first two years were spent on simple cotton mattresses, that were laid on the floor one on top of the other, and every morning a complex routine would commence.. where the mattresses had to be rolled into a heap.. an exact science which if done incorrectly would make a certain person jolly mad.. the maid would sweep n swap and the roll out would recommence...

Time rolled on by and as the finances of the same certain inhabitant were upped, the cotton mattresses gave way to the kurlon thick coir variety.. This was super uber movement for me.. I could actually Jump on them and feel a spring of movement to them that made the mattresses simply spectacular..

You still could not quite dangle ur legs and SIT but hey.. jumping happened quite spontaneously.

Then came a house in Delhi... mattresses of non descript description followed by the mad house of 2 men and a girl.. This was the mountain movement.. There was not one or two but a HILL of all kinds and sorts of mattresses packed one on the other and a sheet on top.. you sort of could dangle your leg, jump and collapse on it and fall PLOP down and feel reallly happy!!!

Finally... Blondie got HER OWN VERY HOUSE N LEASE ;-) She bought one of her first pieces of furniture and it was a Futon.. this was a development unparalleled!! As in her historic life she had WOOD below her head and ass as she lay down to sleep. Contentment oozed from her as the room mushroomed around the low bed that though not the best arrangement for her room.. managed to make it cozy and warm..


As of last evening, she is the proud owner of a BED.. Full double size, with 2 thick mattress, boxes that slide in and out, light on the head rest and ................wait for it.. I can JUMP on the BED and DANGLE my legs a combination that is impossibly cool ;-) ;-)

The new thing, has not been slept on yet. Just stood there looking at it last evening and felt very old.. like someone who owns furniture. Very SETTLED! Wonder which plastic surgeon I shall run to if i ever buy a sofa set .... heheheeee

for now.. sweet dreams and to new bed time stories!