Wednesday, July 28, 2010

its a good life

You ever have one of those days when you know that for the now the going is good. There is no need to ask what when why and how, but the living is effortless, there is a joy and it is not due to anyone thing but lots of different things that seem to have just got the balancing act right

Feel like that for the now.

Am sitting on the bed, have super work to do, have done some work. The boss came over to the house to work in a Thunderbird, got drenched in the rain sat in my shorts as we sipped coffee and brainstormed and worked. There are paralled trips being planned, the evening plan jostles with the one for day after and there is an surge of excitement about life

Friends have moved along and there is good news from all corners. Some one is blooming a new wing called love, another one has decided to stay put in a city and opened his doors for the girl to come live in with him, Miss Gorgeous at 40 is gng for her dinner with her toy boy, someones application got released and there is rain! the last one topping the list of the coolest things that have happened to anyone....

Intellectual debates shine. Newness is there, and the electrician actually showed up.... ;-0 found a vegetarian ashram in Berlin for the coming vacation.., come on what are the chances of that and my hair has been behaving!

So am sailing and think G was right. Am living once more in the bubble land. Remind me not to bump into sharp objects for a while.

oooooooooooooh btw!! almost forgot!!! New Blondey Does it AGAIN MOMENT!

So am in Pondy, weekend away and all that. Finally after much hunting get a room and all that. Make lots of polite talk with Bablu, the Calcutta run away hotel boy who agrees to compel the cook to make me a cold coffee, the only refreshing form to have milk in, and all that.

Finally Blondie wants to make the best of the evening, steps into the shower. And is soaking in the warm water. Wannabe she... decides to slide the glass door of the bath... Y?? So she can capture the warmth and create a mini steam room kind of a scenario. Excellent idea she thinks. exactly what u need in a hot beach place.. a sauna!

So she casually tugs at the shower glass divider. and SCREAMS!!! in horror as the entire glass panel shatters at her touch and yells at the glass carpet around her. Wet, holding the metallic rod she is simply stands there stunned to move.

Hmmmmmm apparently it has NEVER EVER happened before. Y is that not surprising i wonder