Tuesday, July 13, 2010

finally am back

Whew! What a relief. Think this is the longest break that I have taken from the blog since i started it. Just goes to prove how long the illness lasted, how long the mental fatigue was and what a basket i became.

The sad part about the last fortnight, is that it shall take but a few sentences to sum up. The good thing about the last fortnight, is that it has given me renewed energy to get up and get moving again and I can feel a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity that I had not felt in a long time

So anyway.. without further ado a recap of the time that was.

For the un-initiated .. I was sick. Reason unknown and largely remains so, my body was getting the thermometer to rise religiously each evening, and stayed erect till he was cooled down. Sounds erotic. but was anything but ;-(

Pathetic, as it sounds ... turns out that I am a big fat cry baby. So after about 12 days of being sick, and trying everything from sit ups, to sleeping in, three rounds of antibiotics, needles in, needles out and the rest of it... the last doctor was visited with beesching eyes requesting him to wave some magic wand and tell me that i was gng to be ok soon.. Wave the wand he did... only to declare that i am suffering from TYPHOID!! and better be stuck to my bed for 5-7 more days

I WEPT!! LOSER.. went and gave a blood sample. Felt pathetic and sorry for me, called daddy, and asked in the tinniest sheepish voice possible, with a slight tremor of the next tear drop in the throat, if it was all right for me to come home, since i had typhoid!!! the mother of all diseases and was tired of being alone

DADDY DEAR turned into Prince Charming and gallantly YELLED AT ME- "This is your house, never ever again ask me that , you can come anytime all the time" .. God I love parents ;-)

 So Miss Blondie, being the supreme chicken, wiped a few tears, packed a hasty suitcase (which i am currently regretting, having worn the same T shirt for 4 days of last week) and booked herself a cab, a flight and tickets to goa in that order. 

The last being a treat, for when i got better. Yes I believe in self love!

Anyway, M was aghast, the cab driver a moron and me a melodrama queen, who wept to the airport, the speed of my tears and those on the window of the cab battling for the finish line. Had no clue why I was crying, but something seemed very wrong as I was leaving.. the fact that i was Running away was obvious to anyone with a sense of objectivity. 

The Flight took FOREVER, the luggage even more. Semi fainted at the airport, collapsed in the car, waddled home and passed out in the bed.

But the best was still to come... the next day turns out 
1.   Blondie does not have TYPHHOID-- while the whole world thinks otherwise
2.   Mommy rubbishes the blood test guys and takes to another doc
3.  Doc 4646, thinks i dont have ANYTHING but a Drug fever, induced by taking too many drugs n no food
4.  I feel like a FULL LADDOO!!! and a joker

NET RESULT - I am pulled off medication. Put into tender loving care of mother, home food, fussing around and being made to feel the star queen, am permitted and enjoy hours of sleep and in a week, after 15 days, am BACK! to being totally ok ;-)

by the end of it was ready to snap that thermometer in 2...

That is that. The good thing is that it is simply lovely to have the option of a home to run into, and when sick,  there is no one in the world, no sister, brother, friend, lover, who can do what comes automatically to a mother. Mommies are the bestest.. and mine triply so

A week later, the house arrest is now over and am enjoying the raining Delhi, with the energy to resume and revive the shambles that Blore was before i left... to being back.. it feels great ;-)