Monday, July 26, 2010

Pondering in Pondicherry

The weekend was a non gadget non laptop non anything but simplicity weekend.

Drove down to Pondi with M and let the road journey just do its magic. We choose to carry no music and that was the smartest decision to have made as we actually ended up talking a lot more than otherwise. It strange, how one can be in the same house, or space with another share a lot of the daily everything and yet not really really converse and connect. And how just sitting down travelling or not doing anything but outside the everyday world can make you do just that. open up a bit more.. connect a bit more.. and know the other person a bit more

So relaxed was I in the fluidity of this weekend, that the camera barely surfaced from its box. It almost seems rude, like an intrusion to step out of the moment and take images for a tomorrow. Maybe shall regret not having images to back up the memories, but for now am glowing in the luxury of the weekend away from the drone of life.

the night before we went, we met a couch surfer from Jordan who had been in India for the past 2 years and was now headed to Munich. Quiet intense kind of a person, he was content to just be most of the time and seemed like a giant sponge soaking in things, mulling over them and then coming up with something that was revolutionary as a statement. He had never been drunk in his life, had the urge to explore but the one thing missing was any trace of restlessness. Contentment with life as is, seemed to ooze from him.

envy that to some extent.

am content to start the work day now. and so shall bid adieu!