Friday, October 1, 2010

What a birthday

I admit. I have slipped on the blog writing HUGELY! the backlog is so immense that I wonder if it is worth even trying to make the effort of rewinding and rewriting.

Anyway, it is October 1st today. A day that means I am stepping into a brand new year after an entire 365 days have gone past. In my silly head i treat it almost like a New Years Day, with milestones and little goals of things to do.

But before anything else... this was the king of all birthdays. By the sea, in the moonlight, champagne in hand i spent the day being with the only person I wanted to, choose to acknowledge and not take a lot of calls because I was too busy doing things, new ones, riding, surfing, jumping, sitting, "being" something that had been missing for a long time now.

There is something that back to back travelling does to you. On a good note it makes the week so much more alive more vibrant, on the other it makes u feel that you have been gone forever, from the place called home.

Drama aside. Here is the news flash, this is the last year of being in the 20's. There is something very very ADULT about being 30! like you are now BIG and GROWN UP and must have an investment portfolio. Needless to say, I dont think I am any of these, latter specially not.. So was thinking of cooking up a list of things to do before I am 30

Corny Corny I know. but come on.. I am writing after a while. so Ssshh

  • Scuba dive
  • buy property - not a lens but a house
  • visit sri lanka, leh, ladhak, australia and spain
  • learn 1 language
  • ride the bullet
  • walk without falling in high heels
  • jive
  • cook- without always experimenting
  • start yoga, be anorexic
  • do the M thing that i dont want to label
  • have savings
  • a looong car
  • meditate daily
  • contribute to charity
  • have one thing, something that is larger than me that I enjoy doing and give time to
find me, in the chaos of momentum i find me and before I am 30 I learn a little bit of stillness that can be...

Here is to resuming writing, I missed this space
to the next year, may the growing from now to 1st October 2011 be sensational
may i prosper while remaining grounded, create a house while buying a home, create friendships while retaining the old, recognize inner silences while dancing wildly with the crowds, learn to let go, learn to control, enjoy the moment, create a tomorrow and hope that there is a little maddness to blog about in all this.