Friday, October 1, 2010

30th September 2010

I have a very historic birthday. Am serious. Very impactful events seem to happen on my birthday. None that I create.

For example
- 30th September 2010- The Ayodhya verdict comes out, India waits with bated breath
- 30 Sept some year- Plague breaks out in Gujrat
- 30th Sept some year.-The gigantic earthquake of latur happens
- 30th Sept someyear - the sofa in my house catches fire
- 30th Sept someyear- Unprecedented floods in Kolkatta

Ok so maybe not every year but often enough there is enough and more that happens causing a lot me to wonder what do destruction and me have in common.

So this year I turned 29. The fact that this was surprisingly old, came and hit me when the papers mentioned that it had been 18 years since the Babri Masjid drama and I have clear recollections of it. Meaning that I am old enough to remember and comment on historic facts. Sad

But the birthday itself was mesmerizing
There was moonlight and champaghne
quad bikes and beachy sands
children on the bikes and screeching
afternoon mojitos and the pool
lazy lunch and
new shoes
a catermaran
the wind
a sunset and
a drink

a series of experiences that made each one more alive and perfect in its simplicity. Now the pressure is back on me to create some magic and make some noise... May I live up to my expectations
to such days, that make crap days worthwhile