Friday, October 29, 2010

emotional atyachar

India seems to have grown up, well not matured yet but atleast reaching the stage of being the rebellious teenager that is not willing to listen to the "this is how it is" spool anymore.

This not so pathbreaking insight, was reached last night with the screening of Emotional Atyachaar. For those unfamiliar with the show, it is reality tv that breaches the norms of intimacy by an entire new level. This is what takes place

There is a girl friend. Usually the cow types, the one who worships the man, kisses the ground he walks on and has before tying the knot- gives him her all - to be read as- had sex.

Spy cameras, hot women as baits, the lust filled men the fish are all made to dance a merry dance and then a few days later the gf who had initiated the entire drama comes to a room to view the footage of the loyalty test displayed by the man.

Invariably the men fail and are seen professing love to the new girl in a few days while sharing detailed information about the intimate moments shared between him and his ex.

The few paradoxes that emerged for me from watching 2 of these shows were amazing

  1. Indian men have not changed. Any women who has had sex with them before marriage seem to be loose, shallow, desperate and they claim always to have been forced into this sexually active relationship
  2. India is no longer shy about sex. Bollywood knew this a while back, but seeing women on TV listening to details about their sex lives beamed across national tv and not flinch is quite startling
  3. Indian parents are growing up. Most women were not lying, the parents knew about the loser boy being there, and turned a blind eye towards the activities that they knew were taking place just never discussed it
  4. Men don't feel apologetic about being caught in the act, far from any sense of 'apology' there is the anger and fury of the 'audacity' regarding the girls actions blinded them
  5. Women are stupid. The levels of belief, faith and trust they place to the extent of calling the man their life line is amazing and then they themselves place temptation and are unwilling to deal with the results
As disturbing as the serial is, given the encroachment of the media to the inner confines to ones life, there is a sense of liberation of how open the sharing is, how free of censure and taboo, how the women of today is raising her head and standing for her choices on her terms and her rules. 

The rest can walk her lines............