Thursday, October 7, 2010


To continue from the post yesterday, I want to be published. Was reading some of the inflight entertainment articles in the Spice Flight and the desire to write in a manner that gets me published grew, travel writing being only one format of it.

Writing a book is such a unique experience. Years ago my brother wrote a book called Jenny. I my view it was heavily inspired by Heidi, a claim that he rejects to this date, and since the book never saw it to the shelves of any book store I remained part of the elite circle of readers.

Was probably the only book I had to read in parts, would wait anxiously as my brother wrote in pages and after pages, and since it was a secret mission, would have to hunt the house to find the notes, then hide in a corner and lick the imagination to the core.

Its magical, how a simple word document or a ruled notebook can be transformed into a land of creatures and emotions. A good book for me is one, where my mind takes over and creates fuzzy rooms where the main character stays, i smell the depression he may be in, have a visual of how he does his hair and probably borrowing heavily from real life, a visual movie is created in my mind as the book unfolds.

I dont have a story in me yet. But a desire to be on the back cover of a book, with one of those hair flowing, soft smile images, and a short note on the author, where the authors life always seems to be frameworthy perfect. You know what i mean... " she now lives in Vancouver with her husband, three kids, two dogs and a turtle"  ;-)

Think that is why I dont like seeing movies made from the books that I really really like. It kills my imagination. I would hate to see a movie on Atlas Shrugged, because then the movie makers visual replica would have to replace the huge cave like raven that currently exists, or how now for me Gone with the Wind = the dvd cover.

But coming back to the Spice Magazine that started this thread of thought in the first place. The text of the articles were not the greatest, but the content was. There was one article about this man, who started a club that encourages Blind people to photograph.An art form for them, it encourages them to feel the space, the light, the warmth, the subject as they compose and the results are fantastic

Or another on someone called Pete, who moved from being a docker, to a drummer, to a tabla player and is now a percussionist, and like the alchemist, each of these transitions seemingly happened to come when they needed to.

Kathmandu and Colombo were the travel places covered, along with a hidden jewel called Deeg- the last maybe a place i would like to visit, its only some 5 hours from Delhi. For the now it is good to head home, and look forward to a weekend of calmness. Despite my hating it, I want to see Eat, Pray love this weekend and swim.

Simple pleasures. Simple life.