Friday, October 8, 2010


I am at home today and it feels so slow, warm slow.

Sources of enthusiasm over the past 24 hours.

  • showering in my very own bathroom
  • Discovering that anything nice i own has moved out of my cupboard, ditto for my shoes
  • my car started, after a month, the tyres still had air and the 3 inch layer of dust could be peeled
  • there was food in the fridge and the bed was made
  • Reading Cine Blitz - a bollywood film magazine after years. Information learned included - antics of Salman uncle, SRK has discovered how to use a SLR, Imran Khan is preferred over Ranbir Kappoor, Kanguna's bitch gave birth and that Deepika Padukone has RK ex bf's initials stenciled on her neck ;-0 my life is infinitely more enlightened now. 
I can feel my insides un- winding as I stare at the laptop and refuse to look at the mountains of work that I still need to address. like a cat, i wana sit in the sun and stare into space, float into nothingness and even the idea of reading a book is too much of a strain. The lazy libran days seem to have come back into being....

my fingers have rested on the lap top, with threads of writing being rejected as too personal or too lame. There is no goal, no specific agenda that i feel the need to attain. accha feeling hai.

Time for a story......

Once upon a time there was a little insect called Minchu, who lived in the plains of Tibet. Minchu was a very privileged tick as he lived on the collar of the head lamas dog. The dog was well taken care of, with a thick furry coat that protected Minchu from the brutally cold nights, and strangely the dog never ever scratched around the area that Minchu stayed, almost tenderly only brushing the area around and letting Minchu dear be.

But today, as M woke up in the morning a strange sense of forebeding was looming on her. As she went about her day, hanging onto the dogs fur and surveying the world from her elevated status, she sensed a change in energy in the lamas abode. There were tense conversations, a increased fevour in prayers, the rosary beads being moved with a energy that was miles away from the slow drone of the past days.

M drew up on her haunches and wished the dog would walk into the head lamas liar, where the most frantic discussions had been on for the last 3 hours. But the silly dog, was buzy gazing at the cooks daughter waiting for her to drop a bit of the food she was stirring. Gawd! even the most intelligent dog seems to go to pieces when there is the smell of food in the air. 

She decided to wait for 15 minutes, and if he still refused to move she would have to use her last reserve tactic. Content with her devious action plan, she lay down, sniffing for the sweet spot to gorge on. Tucking herself below the collar, the heady smell of old leather filling her nose, she dug into her meal of the day and floated in bliss. 

Whooosssshhh,.., whoooaaaa.. she tumbled and had to cling on to the dogs hair frantically, as he began jumping up at the treat that the cooks daughter was offering. Clinging on for her dear life. Minchu let loose the choicest abuses at the silly girl and the even stupider dog, who fell for the same game each time... Come on sweets, good boy, yes you can do it, once more lets try to jump.. Y oh y , did god not makes these animals more intelligent she lamented. Would have been better to be on a cat!

Annoyed at having her dinner interrupted, she waited no more. Determination personified, she began the long walk to the back of the dog. Navigating, dirty hair, residue of dead ticks, the landscaped garden of the underbelly she made her way painstakingly to the ass, where the fleas colony was growing in numbers.

Knocking on the door, she was greeted by Flecia; the housekeeper for the colony. The fleas too had heard of the commotion in the monastery and were curious to learn more. Like gossiping aunts, they quickly hatched a plan and parted ways to begin the attack.

Bite, bite, the fleas marched out all over the dogs back, his legs and belly, nibbling, bitting, scratching. Scattering as he bought his legs to itch himself all over. Hassled, the dog finally left the kitchen and ran barking frantically into the head lamas room, on to his favourite couch, flipped himself on the rug and rubbed himself against the hard fur to relieve the never ending itch.

The fleas and Minchu cheered. Their plan had worked. Flecia hushed them afraid of being discovered, as they strained to hear the whispered conversations...

#@^%^H^&^.. rttytrt.. etr .. tashi reitisnt, whterer
yashi, lamshieres. chinese arrives

Chinese? Arrives?

The fleas paled. Minchu nearly fainted. 
The Chinese were coming
The lamas were worried

Whoever these chinese were, they def sounded scary and very very sinister. The head lama, had his head in his hands and for the very first time Minchu saw tears streaking down his face. Sorrow filled her core, even as the dog began yet another frantic rubbing session.

Minchu knew she had to do something. ........