Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sipping Coffee

Am listening to the chants of Ganapati come from my desk early in the morning, after a long time there is a slow peaceful start to the day and almost cant wait for it to take off.

Been a lazy blogger, slipping very fast from the one blog a day rule and that is not acceptable is it. So here is a quick recap for me about what has been happening


I love fridays, specially the ones where you did do some good work and then have the right to kick ur heels up and saayy aaaaah! that was good. The day was spent bb messengering with people abroad and connecting with friends. But the highlight of the day was Bollywood!!!

After ages went and saw a crap hindi movie and loved it. Jhoota Hi sahi. For those looking for a movie review, sorry by absence from bollywood makes me a very biased person to give a fair assessment of it, been singing the kai kai song ever since. Yes I am ready to be shot dead.........

Stayed up the night reading a book, and the 10 books on the list has been knocked down by one

The Colour Purple- Alice Walker a simple heart wrenching narrative of a black women and her truimph over her spirt, sounds very pansy like here, but was a tale well written. 

The Games Indian Play and Mythology are next on the agenda


What a day! woke up annoyed, got a call, got the framers to come super late, turned out to be a particularly annoying man who wanted to impress us with all the german songs he knew and took 7 hours to hang up the frames... but the evening was super fun

October fest was on. Beer rain as we showered in cans of beer and yelled along with shaan, and made it to the house with beer reeking off our clothes.

but for now this post has to end now because i have to head to work! laters