Thursday, October 14, 2010

fuller life

Met the person who has made a company devoted to giving everyone a chance to lead a fuller life. At 31 he knew, like his insides knew the time had come to become a business person. There was no clear plan, no business model in place, no heavy duty bank balance, but a conviction that there was something new that he needed to do, else he would be a bald man with a paunch and a wallet that combined to make him sit in an awkward manner.

So he decided to get others to lead a life as full as he wanted.

Hence began the fuller life and the runner for life forum. ( A company devoted to running, they organize runs and charge people for the organizational effort that goes into it. The community grows by itself as the fuel is internal and not provided by the company

new runners, old, young all come to feel the joy, of a sport where the only equipment worthy of envy is how you have maintained your body. And the takeaway a sense of accomplishment, that no money or product can provide

For me it was an interesting meet, not because there was a runner there but yet one more person, who knew who he was, had the balls to follow his heart and despite going away from the oft trodden path made his life to be a replica of what and who he is, a symbol of something he cares about.

Am sure there are a lot of mis fits there, not wanting to walk the 3 steps to the glass office that is a boxed existence, not knowing what else to do, not giving up questioning, but knowing that life is to be lived, not spent answering countless emails and living life is creating moments! all the time

memory makers alive