Friday, October 15, 2010

aaj ki taaza khabhar

Its here, its here, the festive season is upon us.

Though I am safely enclosed in my room, I can feel the festive season is drawing close. The shops are getting decorated, the newspapers are full of advertisments, the house is getting a new look, card parties are being launched, the sellers of flowers have got the stalls up and their are lights everywhere.

Even my gym is shut for the puja tomorrow.

I absolutely love Diwali time.Almost everything about it.

The permission you get to do up the entire house with pretty lights, the diyas twinkling in the oil, the little puja that you are not doing, without a clue if you are doing the right thing or not, the frenzy in the kitchen as things loong forgotten are made.

Each family has its own set of customs that must be followed. Ours was simple. It began with food and ended with gambling. The day began with everyone, the dog included waiting for the Kitchen to do its thing.

Fancy bf was made, and eaten with all the matris, and namak pareee, and cocunut barfi made earlier. One sweet had to had to be made and we remained obsessed about making Dahi Vada. The one customary thing that had to be done.

Each year mom fretted about not knowing how to make a nice dal ka halwa, so each year we trooped to a relatives house to meet, greet and well for sure, EAT. Annoyed at the long drives, one would come home and the best part would start.

Rangoli making, candles being put up, little feet being made on the floor. Dad yelling 1001 things that he needed for the Puja, mom muttering as she did this and that threatening that the TV better be switched off or else.

The puja itself, with the Marwari songs of mom, mixing with the chants of Jainism from Dads side, while me and my brother rolled our eyes. For sure there would be some teary eyes, as dead relatives were fondly remembered and missed. the solemness of the moment, would come to life then, as we all sat around the plate of the diyas and each one made one silent prayer of thanks and gratitude.

Then came the crackers, and the gambling. Diwali aint diwali if u are not gambling the nights away. To making it special this year. to showing how it is done, to the bloreans!