Tuesday, October 26, 2010


For me the start of the diwali day would mean the coming of the karva chaut, the fast that was kept by women for the long life of the husbands, the one ritual that has been sold as a tear jerker for aeons in each Karan Johar movie.....

There is something very sweet about festivals. One has the sole choice to do as much or as little as they want for themselves. But doing something makes the day that much more special, adds to the memory bank of moments else everyday fizzles of without any highlights into the other day and moments are not collected as one moves along.

I am sounding like some character from an Indian soap series!
not the intention

on other matters, it always amazes me how some corporate decisions are taken, they seem to stem from the gut more than any other place, there is so much under lying agenda, time spent on reading between the lines and getting a sense of what is going on.. pheeww what a waste of time i say!

love the drama of the corporate world and what it stands for
always so much excitement

to newness in this stage too