Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gandhi Jayanthi

Was a dry day.

Sad but true that seems to be the most vivid association that is left with the day. alongwith shameful head nodding that the day has happened to fall on a Saturday and so, there is no additional holiday that we are entitled to ;-)

Pathetic in a way really that after all that has happened we are left with an apathetic feeling about it being so taken for granted. Freedom is valuable, cant dream of it being any other way.

And the fact that we were secondary citizens for so long seems a reality that was a dream. A tiny idea has been growing inside me, there is a certain rush of energy is devoting your self to something larger than yourself. For some people it is the passion of collecting bikes, for some paintings, recently met people who are devoting time and energy to vintage car collection, for someone else it is womens rights, whatever the forum the one thing that is tying them all together is the need to be LARGER THAN A MUNDANE LIFE

So, the challenging thing for me is what is the one thing that i want to choose. Life is good right now, very good there is a lot of interesting work, people, love, life, etc but there is a challenge factor missing, a new thing that consumes you, something that is so internal that there is no need for an internal motivation.. wonder what that is. as i reach 30- there is a danger of letting life become mundane and slip you by or seizing it and doing something that makes u say.. yea well that was a ride worth taking