Wednesday, October 20, 2010

kickstarting blues

This is a Saturday afternoon, breakfast done it was time to finally face the beast. The beast and me have had a long relationship. Started several years ago, in Delhi, would face the beast, move away from the glaring mouth and sheepishly head to the back and vala be off

In winters would freeze, in rains enjoy the lashings and in summer face the heat

So geared and ready Saturday we went down, strapped the gear on. For one of the first times saw him in the eye. Gave him a mean look and was on.

Only the beast had more in store that I had bargained for....... From the minute go we were on a war path, I would kick him, he would kick back, I would grunt his silence was the war cry. The BIKE LESSONS ON THE BULLET WERE NOT GOING AS PER MY MENTAL PLAN OF CRUISING FROM THE MOMENT GO!!!!!

2.5 hours later, 2500 kicks done on the kick start
face contorted into visions of absolute FEAR

I would accelerate when i needed to break, release the clutch when i had to press it, be convinced that each car was there for the sole purpose of toppling me and the coordination was about as fluid as that of a sumo wrestler trying to do the Ballet... pathetic

but to make myself feel better, at least is a pattern. It took me 235 days to learn to balance a cycle, my dad told me that it was genetic and that he had taken as long to learn, i told all my friends that each time they ere fed up of me not getting the silly thing to move.... much later when i was peddaling along with the wind in my hair did dad tell me that he had infact learnt in minutes, just did not want to discourage me from not learning.


So I shall cruize and cross the nation
smile in June with the bullet and the SLR against the Leh mountains
Be writing bullet tales and more

It is only a matter of time before the clutch dances to my tunes. kickstart is another matter