Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday non blue

The non bluest monday was yesterday.

This is how the day went, woke up, decided to work from home (we all know what that means) went back to bed, got the coffee and the papers, cleaned the room, made some food, got the book, curled in read the book, curled out, wrote here, explained this space, had a fight, had a bath, resolved the fight, shook myself up, spoke to old soul, who is the gf, went for a swim, got thrown out, went for a walk, bought new running shoes, bought new socks, went to check out gyms and yoga schools, went to see a new club to maybe use, came home to a framers, converting house into home, took dog for a walk, ate junk food on the road, made the dog sit there while i ate the food on the street, the dog walked me home, plonked on the bed, read some more, spanked th4e dog, shut the lights, set the alarm for 6 am to use the new swimming cap and head for a swim, to then go for the yoga class at 7 am

excited and determined i was to change

dreamt that i had not heard the alarm and never gotten up
heard the alarm and did get up
hit the snooze for the dreaded 5 minutes
the 5 minuted made themselves 45 min by some strange sorcery
resolved to make it to the yoga class
the dog came there instead
love overflew
took him for a walk

met friends who are preparing for the marathon and running 5 km on day one
got ashamed, came home, packed bags with the intent of making this a better day
office said chill man, take it easy today
so the events of the top, are all to be recreated in reverse yet again ;-)
only moving from enquiries to action, fingers crossed!

BTW- people born in 1981 are Roosters. Big thinkers little doers. Apt