Wednesday, October 27, 2010

richness of india

Yesterday someone had a rather strange observation to make, that the Indian elite dont look well elite. As in the most connected person, could just be the ill kept with a poor haircut, non styled clothes, language issues, and gold rings displayed here there and every where

This same person however, could have the who's who's could have the ability to zoom into the CM;s house and sit for a random cup of tea.

Class and wealth. In the western context they always go together. Well almost, the wealthy people are also the ones with a certain level of class that they have, here the twain may not be together

Take the case of my brethren marwaris, rich as how. Classless as how....
unfit with rolls of fat oozing off their bodies they wear the most loud clothes, stones and diamonds jostle for attention, as they yell across the room to each other.

Money somehow gives them the license, to fart and belch a perfectly accepted norm in a room and worse spit and chew betel leaves with the mouth open. This same person would be the king of some empire somewhere

In the quest between acquiring wealth and knowledge the former seems to win
Class- is an illusive quality. The external parameters are easy to see, in the clothes, the shoes, maybe the mobile etc
But the internal parameters are the ones that make for more interesting judging., the depth and variety of knowledge, the meanings of it.

Guess the terms and conditions of class are tough to define
for me it is about the dignity of the person and respect for the others that labels it.

is that true? dont know