Monday, October 11, 2010


4.20 am. woke up early, moved into traveler mode. got ready, got moving
headed down, took the bike
went off to the first ever multiple bike ride

lots of bikes, lots of men, a select few women, a desire to cruise and 1 mountain top to view
if speed was a tester, and the way to ride a clue
each man and his machine was symbolic of the very person in them

there was no showroom bike, each had been crafted and moulded as per them
the stripped down bikes, hugged the road along side the electric blue ones,
the raw black competed with the gadgets

Each persons riding style was a clue too
the careless cutter between trucks, the daredevil
laughed at the tea stall, as the cool cruisers unmoved by speed and thrill chugged in

The sense of joining in together, was evident
one for the other, without really knowing who the other was
changing tyres, spark plugs all these without asking
the sense of comradeship, underlined it all

yet there was a distinct sense that being on the bike was a release
like the whistle on the pressure cooker, for a while it let them be
someone they were not allowed to otherwise be
think that is the missing link with men and gadgets
the need to let the machine talk about who and what they are
craft and identity out of what they drive, what they wear, the attitiude is on the helmet
because ............
dont know, maybe there is no other channel to vent and release it?

interesting, maybe this is what this space is for me