Friday, October 22, 2010

rummaging shelves

As i squeezed between the crowded shelves of my favorite store in Bangalore, I pondered about what kind of books attracted me. Accompanying me was an interesting colleague

 a consultant, MBA, exponent of mythology, passionate board game player, researcher in his tasks and a believer in the universe. 

Right before stepping into the bookshop this gentleman had been counselling me, yet again on the several advantages that would accrue to me, if I were to step out and get that MBA stamp done on the resume.. The list went on and on..

  • entering the best consulting orgnainzations
  • getting venture funding for a start up
  • being on a platform where more doors would open up for me
  • international cultural integration
  • automatic proof that you are good and have arrived
  • validation that u are elite, smart and capable. 
etc etc etc, a debate that had reigned last year and saw me invest a good 6 months of my life into applying, Gmating and stressing about the entire thread. The smart professional women me, heard it all, agreed with it all and then the only answer that i had, (more for me than as a counter argument) was.........

If there is something that you truly want, the universe shall conspire and give it to you

Practically speaking all he said held true. Spiritually speaking also there is no harm in being practically savvy and organized. More at peace with this thread than the last time, the subject reared its head, we headed to the book store.

And I smiled. There between the shelves, I found my answer

From the dazzling array of books, on everything from corporate stories, to turn around news, hedge funds and  strategies. little miss blondie went like a moth to a flame to sections that were only about, mythology, meaning of symbols and signs, relationships and more, the tao of pooh and the fundamentals of life, the deepak chopras and some fun reads

This was not an aberration. This was a lot of me. 
As I came to the billing counter, I smiled as i recalled how the maveriks of the world is who i associated with
the off beat dwellers
to be them, i needed invest in the straight and narrow
my meanderings, shall someday take me where i need to be

what and where that is. it does not matter.