Saturday, September 4, 2010


I am sitting on the bed, oil in my hair, a huge crink in my neck and droopy eyes. My packing is yet to commence, am nowhere near home, am grumpy and have no clue why. The neck does not move and have work to do. All i feel like doing though is taking a nap

Shake up, wake up. wish someone would slap me.
If memory serves me right was non excited before UK as well, but turned out to be a trip worth taking ;-0

What do i write about. Feels like the last moments before a cliff jump. Blankness
People have asked me if i am nervous, excited, worried, how am i feeling
and i dont have an answer
yet again i find myself standing in the space of being a spectator to my own life
where i am in it, living it
but feel like i am witnessing it from outside of me

in the past few hours have met friends, 2 of whom are getting married. In the indian context they have attained the impossible by restricting the number of ppl to only 70 or so. that is truly special to have only those people around you who are people whom you connect with and no brain space is wasted in determining who the other is

i have to get a healthier life on my return. non negotiable and get on the bike

and maybe get the silly brain to open up a bit and see how to learn a language
too sleepy to write more and it is only 11 am
someone slap me