Friday, September 3, 2010

dee daa daaa dum

Come on someone pour the enthusiasm on me. I am flying and for once am not going to be heading into the domestic terminal but the international one

this means
1. there is duty free
2. there is alcohol
3. there is one more visa stamp on the passport race
4. there is newness 
5. there are blankets on the flight and TV ;-)
6. there is a loooooong immigration line when u land
7. everyone is silent and quiet 
8. I am almost always wondering if I am doing something non acceptable
9. I smile a lot and wonder why everyone is so grim, remind me that it is me on a holiday not them!
10. I walk a lot more, think a lot more and become a trigger maniac
11. life in India seems very very far away and I wonder what it would take for me to be there
12.  Become silent, since no one understands what i say in any case
13.  can see stars and the air smells nice- its nice
14.  miss some spice. like hot khana ;-)

but more than all this .......... there are new people to me met, new places to see, new rivers to walk into
Its a HOLIDAY!!!!!!!
And i need to get into the groove now to get all happy happy about it
i like europe
makes me feel part of a loong historic journey, like a tiny pebble in the historic occean

to that land here i come!