Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September is here

It is already here. September that is. The favourite month in the calender ;-) Y? because it is the birthday month!!

But more than that it is sort of like a mid point of the year for me. I am slow, it takes 8 months and not 6 for a mid point to be reached in my head.

Like reflecting on that which has happened and there can then be a sense of urgency for the 3 months that are left to complete the to dos for the year that never happened till now. Like a masterji's stick that is prodding one along. September for me is a check... done, not done? what remains to be done?? etc etc

August was a good month. A really good month compared to the ones before. Biggest reason was the restoration of an office and a routine, a semblance of structure, of getting out of the house, of getting work to bite into. Of project getting in, of quiet desperation and hope mingled with relief. a roller coaster little month

it was a month of holidays... Kerala and Coorg, Chennai. Parties at home, alchohol cake, blog fights, and trip planning. A month of meeting new friends, saying bye, watching a little furry thing, bind people together by playing ball.

Tension about money, laughter about silly things. There was a lot of good that this month got in! and September better live up to its promise of being a good good one ;-)