Thursday, September 2, 2010

bird in office

a bird fell off from her nest, and on the car of my boss. It is a little thing fits in my palm. Its not a sparrow or a pigeon but a pretty mayna that has been chirping in a corner, she think the little thing is a soaring one and has been flitting from one corner of the room to the other very happily!

Been a semi scattered day. Met an artist yesterday at the first ambassador workshop. for gifts she painted images of peoples families, one such was a women was a painter- she painted emotive stories about peoples lives. For example - she had an assignment to paint a farewell gift for a sardar family who was off to canada after 2 years here

So a trunk emerged. On the trunk the families stories went in animated visual form
The nanis, the couple and the kid took the top
the man was always cajoled to eat butter chicken by his mother in law as she said khaayoo beta khayoo and each time he ate .. so the artist made a animation of a man, a sqauking chicken...and a pot ...where the chicken kept saying khaaoo khaoo

or the man was called some Singh and he kept fighting with the auto drivers
so that became 2 cows with horns (hindi for singhs) and they were fighting .. heheee

like artists there is such aliveness in them and such slowness to it as well. 
they have a sense of life
and corporate men/ppl dont have it as much, they just dont

Have not been doing enough of the three things i do well. Write, Photography and Yoga. Need to do some more of these three and i shall be fine. I am fine