Saturday, April 10, 2010

zombied out

time is whirring silently
in a lazy sort of way
the day is making it shadow,
shorter as i lay
half awake, half not
half dreamy, half not
i grin a sleepy smile
sheepishly, ruefully, shamelessly, recalling
memories instantly made
some of this and a lot of that
....... maybe it shall all catch up
but that day is still to far away

i marvel as i watch
the clock going tick -tock, unmindful of little me
living her own surreal dream

dates and days seem to have melted
like the last tunes of a melody
into wisps of smoke
casted seconds before into a memory

each day is a flow
the present remains just that a "present", wonderfully aglow
tomorrow is sulking grudgingly
as she manages the promised future
contained in several balls
currently suspended in air
each dancing in their own lair

people off late seem to be waltz in,
unsuspecting and anew
to do a slow dance
as i watch;
chance prance across my little room
observing myself, from a distance
amused at this woman i barely knew

the rebel is gone
gawkiness bid adieu
leaving behind a subtle charm
to reveal me,
a tigress, a sheep, i am my own mary bo beep
she lives this moment
there is no haste to build a tomorrow
only a lingering fragrance of today

this feeling is fleeting
am sure anxieties are on their way
but for now i cant be bothered
you see, i think i am living for today