Friday, April 9, 2010

Running ....................

His legs moved in a steady rhythm pulsating with each step. He stepped up the speed and oblivious to his surroundings remained focused.

His legs were flying, a steady blur interrupted with the motion of the shoe hitting the rubber.
His head held high, he looked neither left nor right dead straight
As his arms kept the beat and moved like pistons

Orange running shorts, accentuated his muscular legs. The dripdry T shirt proved unable to cope with the heat he was generated.

11 kms and counting, 12kms and counting, 13kms and counting… he mercilessly pushed himself harder and faster. The speed increased dizzying proportions……. While he remained the only thing moving, the only one defying gravity, fatigue, defying motion itself..

The speedometer moved towards the 20 km mark. He had done it, the only sign of victory over his mind was the slightest pump of the fist as he slowed himself down.

Orange streaks reformed themselves as shorts, the legs became organs. The entire gym floor heaved a sign of relief as he slowed himself, slowed down the assault he made on everyone else’s inadequacy to run and be one.

Silently he departed, leaving a trace of aldernine hanging in the air.
For a good 10 minutes the tread mill remained empty a mute testimony to the achievement that was
Person 2 on the treadmill next, staggered as he ran and limply dismissed himself in 15 minutes.

The rules had been changed. And the players did not want to play the new game.

Between mind, body and action the person with the fittest body is also one with an agile mind. A tenacity, a blankness of the mind and a relentless aggression to go on and on and on without stopping without breaking without pausing...not once…

Running – meditation in motion. An ability to empty your soul till all you are left with is the heavy breath, the awareness of movement and the rhythm of your mind. Murakami wrote in what I talk about when I think about running..

‘If you don’t keep repeating a mantra of some sort to yourself, you will never survive”
In long distance running the only person you have to beat is yourself …
And I have been very callous in letting the mind excuses rule over the steady pace of a victorious run..

To a marathon. This year.
Ready mind?