Tuesday, April 20, 2010

inspired and how

WHEW! this is what days like today seem to leave me. A giant wow there is so much that there is to do and more than that there are so many people who are already doing so much.

The last line at the end of the meeting was with a fairly interesting, serial restless entrepreneur called Akshay Cherian just made.. the people working at interesting places, often have interesting personal tales of their own.

Slept to the news that one of my most fav persons in the world was leaving the city, for a short time..... hate these sudden trips that people have to make. The maid moaned over my stitches, but promised to nurse me into health.. 

As I logged on to the virtual world, the day of adventures and encounters began unfolding bit by bit. Wicked boy and me happened to connect online, and chatted about the what was happening. The city of Kolkatta was viewed for the immense energy and restless hyper spirit that it had laid dormant and concealed behind the confinement of humidity and sweat. There is something about that city, which after Mumbai forces you to react. You have to love it or hate, you cant choose to remain neutral to it. Benign n Kal are not words that go together.....

the post MBA recovery has begun, with the idea to launch ones own business practice. Time to garner resources and make myself visible with a business idea, use my strengths of connecting people to launch a legal set up of my own. For this the ground work started today itself and realized the immense potential with each lawyer charging their own sweet range of prices for basic services. Have always maintained that docs and lawyers can get away with murder, because there is no regulation on what they can or cannot do.. I being on the other side of the profession should not be complaining..

Post nursing the wound over a lazy cold coffee breakfast, reading online crap and lamenting the obsession with money, IPL and Sashi the black congress sheep I headed for some real action.

Encounter 2. 

BTW-  the most valuable thing that the accident seems to have taught me is the ability to slow down for speed breakers. The few times that i dont, the thump the head gets with the landing of the car, ensures the next time a point is made to hit gear 1. ...

So met interesting lady.  lets call her Grassroots. NGO types, she began her career working with the regular corporates, wanted to do grass roots and headed of all places to rural Orissa. Her dads NGO offered her the chance to work 7 days a week, to handle issues and solve real problems of water, sanitation, health etc etc etc.. Having reached saturation level, a Masters in Dublin was secured and peace made with a UN international pampering development job.. but it wasnt to be, After real impact, masturbating conversations leave no mark and so she gave it up to return to Blore and work for D-a - D

This is where i met her, at a creative thinking workshop orgn by N and D from the states. Sweethearts of a training pair they lead several NGO principals and teachers into sessions on free thinking. The one i attended was so interestingly strung together. 

They asked us to think of a metaphor of how we viewed our life. Any 7 to 8 word phrase.. Mine was "a backpacker collecting experiences"    each persons metaphor got listed on a white board, and was sung out like a song. Thereafter, in groups of 4 we choose a metaphor from the list and without over thinking we just wrote and wrote and wrote non stop for 5 minutes whatsoever came to our mind.. Damm interesting, From a "i am a lamp that brings light" (yawn yawn i know) my brain hooked onto the role that candles play as imagery in bollywood movies.

It did not end there, each person took they fav sentences from the 5 min of uninhibited stream, selected 2 sentences, wrote those out, the group sentences were to be then rearranged to form a poem and the poem was then to be bought to life!! WHEW!!!! what an idea. 

However, interesting the session was the business minded cynic in me was left feeling jaded. Felt like a feel good session with little practical value. Maybe have become too cynical or too stream lined. Caught myself coming across as a stuck up little show me the practical side of this kinda bitch, which was never the way i normally reacted to these "lets just explore this" kind of workshops.   

Anyway exhausted by the play and the rest of it, left to enjoy the rain from the shelter of the car. A woven head is a deterrent to Rain Dances.. That is wen i met RD... a close friend who had not been met for over a year. We discussed the miraculous recovery of Daily bread, which from a super loss making entity at Britannia had recovered its losses and made 2 the loss amount as revenue. For a 12 month period, this recovery in a business as perishable as confectionery is remarkable

Hmmmmmmmmmm the day was still far from over. Headed to office and conversation with P, thats when AC n his team came over........... 5 ppl, young  passionate and audacious, with the intent of placing all the graduates that have been rejected several times over by companies a job. 

Success rate -- 94% 

Simple business model. Take rejected applicants, make them go through a 7 day scientific English communication module. send them to a call center, basis scores and vala they are done... ;-) of course its not that simple and challenges remain... but for me the ZEAL of these qualified ppl to work was exemplary....

Got me thinking where does practicality end and passion begin, where one dot end n the other begin where does one idea become a plan and when is it time to stop, what are u in all of this.......... I agree that on days like these there may be a traces of intellectual masturbation added to it, are nevertheless days that make u smile for the experience that they add.. but am becoming a cynic am unable to appreciate passion unless there is a financial stability factored in for as well.. Maybe i am maturing as a person. maybe i am degenerating and being unable to enjoy the simpleness of life. 

Dont know. Maybe it does not matter...........

To add to this all is the new butterfly mode in belly of waiting for someone to call etc etc.. refreshingly new!