Monday, April 26, 2010

After ages

Why do we Indians have a tendency to add "no" after every sentence. 

Nice movie.. na? You saw the match yesterday na? U live in Defence Colony na.....? It like we are permitting the other person to have a contrary opinion and not feel bad about it before hand! Strange.

Anyway, to trivia. So am proud to state that yesterday after AGES blondie let herself so and get haaaaaaaaaapy higgghhhhhhhhhh. hick! hick! 

So here is what happened. Landed up at Opus at 2 in the afternoon looking for french breakfast. Ha some people take Indian Stretchable Time to a new level all together. The deal was all u can eat and drink in some sum and so we proceeded to get the food and more importantly the Mojitos rolling.. ;-) and roll they did. In 4 hours thing I knocked back some 7 of them in rapid succession, sucking every last drop from every glass till the mint came through..

The result.... Blondie became more and more amusing to be with. Oscillated from extreme joy, to the most obnoxious questions in a span of 30 seconds, to weepy tears all colliding with each other to be the first to get attention. The food forgotten all we did was drink and talk and am indebted to the drink in letting me be free to say the sweetest secret, the largest fear and the impossible balance that is being asked of me to do. It all was shared and resolved. 

Came back to hit the bed at 6 pm and remain there for ever. Missed connecting with SR, and the ringing of the doorbell confused the evening lights out of me. Barely grumpily surfaced at 9 ate and crashed again. 12 hours of sleep is a record that i have not managed in a loong time.

Obviously it had to happen on the night my parents needed to reach me and got frantic with worry. The things i end up doing to them, i hope my kids are never this scatter brained. 
So the new resolve is to be alcohol free till the BIG FAT WEDDING comes and learn to behave at that gathering.. critical thing to do. 

But man i love Mojitos. The mint makes it cool. the Lime ensures u dont feel the vodka or rum., it looks like Summer and feels stupendous. Has to be the best cocktail that was invented ever!

and does not leave u smelling like the closest wine shop. Its the classy way to get wasted. am a loser i am writing about the merits of a drink. 

well lets just say am grateful for the conversation that it did bring ;-0