Monday, April 5, 2010

imagine that

Hmm there are the good surprises and the not so good surprises. Had a mixture of both taking place today.

Good surprises were:

  • my company may get to make a presentation at a world bank summit super soon!! and that means that africa may be closer than i think it is
  • got an article on the Manza literally sitting on the table, where it was rated higher than the linea, the desire, and the verna
  • the relationship with some of the freelancers got a notch better and am happy for the same
  • managed to get a lot of paper work done, make pending payments, and not be pissed at the world
  • Ran!! without my knee going ooohh eeeewww aaaaah and such obnoxious noises
Really bad news came in as well
  • opened the paper to see that probably one of the maddest, wildest most vivacious man that i interacted with once in a while in Bangalore, died while rock climbing in Thailand. it made no sense, his death or the sudden ness of it. For each of us who at 30 are so very cocky that we are here for a long long long time and end up procrastinating so many of our life choices it comes as a rude reminder that life is fragile. Know i sound disgustingly like the next door Blonde Barbie Doll, but it is true, life is fragile and despite that somehow does not come with a "handle with care" sticker
  •  Was sans electricity for the ENTIRE day. That was so annoying and painful that every resident voice got shriller as the sun rose higher. It was only later in the night, that we got to know that a labourer got electrocuted while digging the trenches for wire repair. 
One life shall be celebrated, a funeral touching for the number of memories associated with it shared and grief that is palpable be felt. The other shall be a funeral too, smaller, shorter, maybe as much grieved but have a presumption (can be misplaced as hell) that the overall feeling shall be one of mute acceptance and moving on. shrinks, medicines and grief counsellors shall not be the route the second mans family gets. 

hmmm what a way to end the day. 
ashamed to state that all i did think of was.. uff but when does the power come back. 
Cynicism you have a new name