Thursday, April 22, 2010


I trudged up the stairs to P's house, feeling excited. Tired but excited. The morning meetings had gone well and the wait for the freelance thing to take shape seemed to be getting towards the finish line.

But exhaustion seemed to fill the bones, I was feeling heavy, exhausted and ready to drop. The feet were dragging across the remaining steps as I fell into a heap on the closest chair... it was hot. the hottest Bangalore has been for a while. The sun and the rain making it even more humid.

P sat crosslegged on the couch as we updated each other on the events of the past day. She yawned complaining of a fatigue she could not shake off.. Afternoon lethargy filled the room and even gazing at all the very VIVID ART, the viciously pink lotus flower, the nest of the Bumble bee, the snails crawling in the lotus tub did nothing to get the yawns to be dispelled.....

Hrrrmph some days were meant to be this way, we said as we sat down on the rug with the white flip charts waiting expectantly at us to be filled with elaborate designs and frameworks... and thats when the magic started......

the clouds gathered together for a round table conference, thunder made his presence felt by thumping the table and a looooow growl escaped the sky. The plants stirred them selves awake as the sun ran whimpering like the intruding dog,. and the overcast sky shook in glee.

The she arrived. And arrived in style.

Rain sashayed down the ground, sining and sweeping away all the tiredness off, she roared her presence into ur ears as P and I lept from the rug to witness the drama. The viciously pink lotus, did not survive the onslaught and the bee's nest clung on with its entire strength.

It kept raining. Water filled up in the veranda, 1 inch, 2 inches and soon we would have been able to sail mini boats. So engrossed were we that we did not notice an intruder in the house creeping around. Sneaky little rain had managed a perfect decoy.

Keeping us engrossed with the nest and the lotus and the rest of it, we did not notice her silent claim on the house. To our horror the house was full of water, the rugs, the carpets, below the sofa, above the well laid door mats water was dancing a merry dance...

hahahahaaa...., that took care of any tiredness in our bones. For the remainder of the hour, buckets, mops, bottles, hands, brooms, mugs anything and everything was used to get the water drained. P and I sang merry songs, chucking at the how hard we were working..

Of course the electricity went off. and the inverter breathed its last breath.

Of course we still worked, sitting around candles P and I sat and designed our workshop. Wet hair dripping on the white flip charts, flickering candle light, bowls of halidram bhujia keeping us munching and lemon tea for company we giggled like school girls while keeping a corner of our eye on the toddler rain...

hmmm this is work for me. Madness, conversation, floor mats and rugs, hot chai, hurried interruptions and wailing phones.. I like ;-)