Monday, April 5, 2010

hippie or newbie

If you set foot on two boats chances are that you shall not move too much from the shore. At some point of time you shall have to choose, which boat is the one you shall set sail on.

For me I am confused about which ship to set sail on. One seems immediately alluring the other the grown up choice of moving on it life. Where are all these ambiguous statements stemming from? From 2 intense yet diverse experiences that came back to back and have left me soaked in bewilderment. Of these which one is more a reflection of me and which one is just a passing whimsical fancy

Experience 1

The cohabitation with Belgian boy has somewhere become larger than the individual and the moments shared. In a sense it represents a definitive lifestyle one where u TRULY live the present and ensure that as much life is squeezed out of it today without waiting for a more secure tomorrow.

To borrow from the ant and the grasshopper these are the happy grasshoppers that are gathering life experiences that are varied, vivid, real and have a horribly long sticky value.  These experiences are acquired through travelling, the kind of travelling where one really meets people and plugs into the community, leaving you exposed to trying out whatsoever may come your way.

Hmm this implies that everyday has a sense of new and wonder. They become the people with the most chilling stories shared over a bonfire or a dinner table, not always the most intense ones but def the most intriguging ones. The sheer depository of experiences that they can dip into to engage in a conversation is HUGE!.

So during a week with BB (Belgian boy) we spoke about everything from Mac Donalds, to dreams and aspirations, to death and what it means, the influence of languages, how people react to whites in India some extremely nonsencial conversation about hippos and winning the world peace prize.

Point being- there was a constant dribble of REAL conversation that did not have to borrow from the clich├ęd of favorite actors, work politics or the routines of life. I concede that any meeting with a stranger has immense fodder for conversation, the newness drives it.

But more than that at a subtle layer is what my friend calls the difference between a “Social Science” person and a “Science” person, where the former looks and is challenged by things like art, culture, shall want to learn the sitar while in a new place and explore the mindsets of children in the rural set while the “Science” gang is more concerned with the POINT of all this and if that cannot be answered are keen to brush these pursuits in the bucket called hobbies and live a real more meaningful life.

I ramble, think because these are still thoughts that are forming in my head. All I know is that in my experience there is a something called a “Explorer mindset” where one is an experience/conversation/newness junkie and this is motivation to get them to do anything, from planting seeds in a farm to milking a cow for no reason except that it has not been done before.

Experience 2

The night BB left, the long weekend arrived and we trooped off to the coolness of Coonoor, Ooty and Kothgiri, little places that have been charmed into producing tea for the colonial Saahibs. 

Male monica, excel marcoman and me sat in the car and trooped off.

Now Male Monica and Excel Macroman are the “science” types in several ways. Excel macroman the extreme version of it, to the extent that he had a statistical average computed regarding the average number of times that he shaved in a month and could not see car number plated without multiplying all the digits.

Male Monica, is definitely a few shades better, he is interested in opinions and has a point of view, well read and a robust interest in performing arts means that he is a storehouse of knowledge on several aspects.

The one thing that they however lack is the zeal to experience anything new, unless there is a real hardcore rational and compelling need for them to do so. They are willing to be cajoled into doing several things and more than comfortable being lead into situations rather than being initiating wild things themselves.

Result- I ruled during the trip. Became the cool bee; whatever I wanted we did. Lets boat sure lets boat. Lets shop? Eat dinner here? Not go to the room just yet etc etc I initiated and was surprised to see instant acceptance.

The one time that these two men had to enter into a conversation they started to speak about work, culture, what each of them did. The moment I woke up though, nonsense banter stirred from her sleep as well and a lasy time was spent chattering about B grade movies.

As excel macro dropped me home, we discussed the differences between us. The “lets do” vs the “let us let them do” gang. He was pissed that the “lets do” gang assumed that the “lets not do” gang did not want to take part in stuff we planned. He said that they enjoy it and infact like to be called for those events. However, they are not great at planning these and so are better at executing. Why he wondered did we not get that and just live with optimum utilization of capabilities?


Maybe it is a valid grouse. But all I know is that for me I connect more with the “lets explore” mentality. The lifestyle and life purpose is easier and takes much less energy to convince someone who wants to do these activities than cajoling a reluctant person to enjoy the silliness of sitting on the top of a car.

Either you like sitting on the top of a moving car and sit.


You sit in the other car and wonder what tomfoolery are the jokers upto on the top of the car.

Both exist, both are valid. Which one am i?