Saturday, April 17, 2010

and then and then and then?

I think I am the only one fascinated by the fact that there is a volcano that is erupting! Agreed no travel plans of mine have been hacked or rather ashed. And am not standing in ques that snake through the airport waiting for someone somewhere to tell me what next.....

But its volcano. Its natures most dramatic act, when she spews shit up and essentially gargles and spits like we Indians do all over the roads. The only difference is that she is HUGE!

The ash and glass particles that are coming out have FLOWN 8-11 kms into the sky creating a ashed zone! The power of thrust to send something that dense to that height is immense. All the newspapers are covering is the impact of the ash hitting the sky, the fact that international flights have been grounded but the fury the sheer audacity of the volcano in the first place has been all but ignored.....

There is a new fissure about 2 kilometers long that has been created
Rivers have risen  by over 10 feet, we dont even have swimming pools that deep here.
all this after about 200 years of being dormant and patient, talk about new levels of hibernation
the locals reported rivers of water streaming down stripping everything in its wake.

Its a glacier! its a volcano! its both... and its here.
Maybe we should have payed more attention to the whole American doomsday movies huh?
Check out the ASH being THROWN into the sky!!